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I Am So Lonely by Chance the Rapper

The latest song from Chicago’s Chancellor Bennet (a.k.a. Chance the Rapper).

It’s just me and la cucaracha tonight / Cold pizza with the hot Sriracha tonight / Apple TV, Comcast, don’t know what to watch-a tonight / Shoulda had ya when I had ya, now I wish I gotcha tonight / You can hit my line / If you ain’t on shit, if you tryna smoke / I guess I’ll file the cabinets, fix the disha washa, tonight (lot of activities) / Feed the fishes twist a swisha while I mix the pasta tonight (multitasking) / Tube socks white briefs gold wrista watcha tonight (fancy attire) / On the sofa posted perfect selfie picture posture tonight (Snapchat bitch) / This is not the castle this is just the casa tonight / Ain’t no Nala so my Simba ain’t gon’ be Mufasa tonight / Only dust and shadows comin’ from la cucaracha tonight / But if you eva in the hood like Mr. Rogers, hit my / You can hit my line / If you ain’t on shit, if you tryna smoke


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